Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1st day of temporary freedom

on the first day of temporary freedom
my true love gave to me
== if you got what i was trying up there congratulations for having the same stupidity level as me
if not, just forget it. lol.
yes i am too free that i come blogging again
my table *pulls hard at hair*
dear table Y U NO BIGGER
dear table Y U NO TIDY UP YOURSELF!!!

 in the process of cleaning up my very minute study table
my bed became the temporary store ground @@
pieces are going back with me
but i doubt that i'll be able to sit for the three pieces which i conveniently forget to practice all the time XD
ooh and scales. wait, SCALES!? DIMINISHED 7? lol
aunty shirley is so gonna choke me to death 1892482949819 times in her brain =(

after i dunno how long including distraction to go eat chipsmore and lunch haha 

and since i was again too free 
packing is done!
i think Oinky will be able to go back with me =DD

not feeling so fit for the moment.
it's so hot i wanna chop off my hair
but this stupid nose of mine started running since the afternoon after i compulsively surfed the net for i dunno how long i seriously lose track of time
and my throat shows sign of, i dunno T.T

PI PA GAOOO! wo lai ye!!

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