Monday, January 30, 2012

it's the season of birthdays

kinda lazy to type a lot so the photos will do most of the talking. hehe
been to two friends birthday dinner for two nights
nothing much to say for Lu Ee's but the butter prawn was so nice haha
and she was so gorgeous T.T when is my turn?
there were 3 cakes so she got to have 3 wishes
i guess her 3rd wish was to have another 3 more wishes XD
met my ex classmate from Sg. Maong. 8 years since then, wow we're all old T.T
actually not. forever young here. hahaha
then it was mr jky's birthday dinner last night
in U-Garden
so cool they have this crystal grill
and we were drunk i think we fried chicken with ice cream lol
met up with many many people last night and am feeling very great XD
we should have more gathering like thisss!
since it seems like it's easier to meet friends on birthdays


gave myself another challenge
inspired by someone's a photo a day challenge
hence.. a post a day for FEBRUARY!
can i? YOSH jiayou!!! XDD

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