Wednesday, January 25, 2012

heehee angpao na lai

since i have nothing better to do.
i am here to make my blog look less dead xd
happy cny from the toys =D

us. hehe
colourful much? XDD

still not forgetting to show off 
moo moo~

and again 
my penguin which doesnt look like penguin according to most people T.T
including Evon Chiew's super cute niece t.t

finally met ibeho and ebonchiew after so long.
ebon very very slim qu =(

last night.. 
the mek mek carpet we must step on every year we go to erjiu's house
surprised that mummy never knew that haha, but that's the tradition XD

ok since the battery is low and my tv show is shown

happy cny to all =))
appreciate every moment you can spend with your love ones
because you never know when you will suddenly get stranded at home lol lol

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