Friday, January 27, 2012

i can't think of a title hehe

here to update again!!
in case you missed me XD

went to Mdm Eng and some other people's house
but not many photos taken because no kaki T.T 
swing in mdm eng's house XDD

then many more houses in between where no photos were taken.
then.. JENG JENG!! 
it's JENGA time!!!

i enjoyed myself haha 
did you jusst notice that the sofa looks like John Mark's backside ==
fyi John Mark is that guy behind me lol.

then off to EbonChiew's house again 
siblings washing table cloths together so cute ebon treading like the japanese cartoons XD

haojiu bujian de IBEHO! XDD 
either i grew taller or she shrunk
because suddenly she seemed so much shorter T.T

arcade in the spring.
no more small small cute cute shops outside mbo T.T

ahbengs and ahlians flooded the place
star no 2 liao maybe T.T 
then almost all the ahbengs who were busy shooting stopped
just to watch ebonchiew play
legendary T.T

then it was MCD hehehe

tired die but i had fun XDD
am still tired now.
and lazy. haha so byebye till i come back!

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