Wednesday, September 11, 2013

again, the confessions of a shopaholic

planned to leave this as the last Taiwan post but almost all the photos because of the I-thought-I-lost-the-camera incident. taught me to be more careful with things and also transfer photos right after taking lol.
brought back this 统一布丁because Miss Froggie loves it so much
口感很扎实 我也喜欢 XD

the Taiwanese liquor, bought as souvenirs but decided to keep for decoration purposes
who knows I might go crazy someday and drink them haha.
the 40% plum wine seems to attract me in a way I cannot comprehend lol.

cute snacks. I admit I am a sucker for cute things and pretty wrappings.
you'll know I judge a book by its cover if you look at my book collection at home. haha

wooden postcards. Should had posted them home, now it looks so meaningless T.T

egg capsule in 淡水老街, CHOPPER!!! =D

finally found a casing for my dear phone, got the Chip and Dale at 200TWD
and the Doraemon from Kuching actually hehe.
if I can have a lot of clothes why can't my phone have many casings? =P

and this canvas bag was totally a steal, only 100TWD, like RM10. haha

finally bought myself an owl ring, I love the colours. =D

some scrunchies. bows were what mummy when she went in May.

all this in less than one day hoho. only around 1400TWD HOHOHO

impulse shopping in Ximending. but I love my new shoes =D

My beauty diary masks =D, hello kitty some more heeeheee

and lastly..

my first and ever Starbucks tumbler! =DD

didn't have enough time, this post could have been so much longer!!
time to get ready for class, having a diagnostic test. oops. bye!!!

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