Monday, September 9, 2013

Colugos /kəˈluːɡoʊ/ are arboreal gliding mammals that are found in Southeast Asia

hello. =D
blogging from my latest hell hole. oops.
I have almost finished cleaning and sorting out my things
sometimes I wonder how I managed to bring all these things over here.

since I am really sleepy and Taiwan posts take up too much time, here's some photos to make you hungry
went to Colugos Bistro and Grill the other day
it was kind of a Western X Indonesian restaurant
so this was some kind of Indonesian snack which tasted like hash brown with some kind of spice

my Fish and Chips which was really good
I like how their fish isn't fried with breadcrumbs

and Qi Jie's something something chicken
I guess this is the fusion dish since the sauce was actually soy sauce

the portion of the food looked small but we were feeling quite stuffed already 
BUT there is always room for desserts, XD.

and I finally understood why could my dearest cousin go there for 3 times in a week, the food was nice, the atmosphere is good, the price is reasonable and most importantly there is air-con and WiFi. hahaha.

time to get some nap before going swimming, I HOPE THE RAIN STOPS NOW.

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