Monday, September 2, 2013

random thoughts at 1:16AM

tried jumbling up my name after seeing Tien Mie's post but I failed to come out with something nice. ==. so naming your kids is quite important. be sure to think of some good names with nice anagrams so that when one day they are required to play such silly games they can at least thank you for that lol.

in case you didn't know that, I'm currently working as a part time waitress in Sharing Planet. 

and just today I had some regrets which constantly played in my mind while I was enjoying my hot shower after work. 

there was this young girl along with her brother and grandmother seated at table 14. she asked me if we served rice or and if we had soup. she was actually asking for Chinese food because her grandmother couldn't take Western food, too bad we don't. I saw that the food on the table was almost gone so expected them to leave, then at least they could buy food for grandma, but they didn't! they waited for heaven knows how long until two other guys came and had another round. I felt so bad for grandma, she must have been starving, but she was still smiling when she said it was okay. why didn't I offer to give her rice and the dishes for our staff meal? I'm sure there would have been enough to spare. so why didn't I? =(

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