Monday, September 2, 2013

清境观星园 青青草原

here to continue where Oinky left off. I'm pretty sure the camera is gone forever. =(
after so many years, I finally get to meet Open Jiang in person =D

I know the Eiffel tower is super mainstream now
actually quite annoying at times
but I really wish to be there some day. =)

a rocky climb up to清境观星园 where we were to spend our night
welcomed by the friendly landlady and complimentary steamboat!

on a cold cold night


we had pedicure and horror movie session in the room before heading out to the chilly night
expecting stars but there was none T.T
morning view from our room. you say beautiful bu beatiful? XD
I could live with this for the rest of my life!! haha

breakfast which was also provided

how does this look?

I dunno about you but it feels so Santorini to me!!! hahaha

and then I left the breathtaking and some parts of my heart behind

to 青青草原 we went
either the sun was really too strong
or my sunblock was too lousy
I got quite baked that morning lol

Oinky says hi


Mr Teoh bought this bottle of milk for collecting purpose
but I left it in Hualien T.T

and I guess I should just stick to HL milk lol

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