Wednesday, January 2, 2013

0101 in the Garden =D

heehee, hello, your second day of the year is almost over lol
how we celebrated our first anniversary =D:

warming up: macarons! =D
heehee not sure if it was really nice or I simply love anything sweet XD

and we went to The Curve at night!

my second time there only if not mistaken
and the pretty lights never fail to make me happy =D

to the Garden for dinner
we went there once, when he was still my pet heehee *shy* shit lol

somehow i agree that Oinky resembles zhangqijian =P

err. beautiful lavender haha

banana strawberry something


and some duck thingy with cranberries.
this was not bad hehe

thanks to the waiter for the photo
and thank you dear boyfriend, for the dinner =D

my favourite ngehehe

us with Pikachu, 2013 vs 2011 XDD

oh i wore my CNY dress from the previous shopping trip because i have no better clothes lol
and he wore the shirt i got him, =D, too big though D=

and that wasn't all!
CHOPPER PHONE CASING which i regretted for not buying
he drove all the way back to a place not even on the GPS.
xiexie ni zhangqijian, gandong zhi ji T.T

and uhh, Koko Krunch #insidejoke lol

you have to be me to understand many feelings and emotions which words cannot express
it was a wonderful night for me and i always feel blessed to have such an amazing boyfriend + best friend
thank you love, thanks for everything. 

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