Saturday, January 5, 2013

once upon a time, my encounter with the famous Penang murals.

if this post were to be in Chinese, I'd start with 全世界都在跟壁画拍照,我当然也不例外hahha
standard opening, so you get the idea. yes it was a 风和日丽 afternoon
actually more like 艳阳高照, and I 兴高采烈,不辞辛苦,不怕晒黑 and went to take my photos heehee
you've no idea how long have I been longing to go there since MANY of my friends/ not my friends have been crazily posting their photos with the murals in Facebook, Instagram, blogs and whatever social media I am using, so much that the murals don't seem that attractive anymore, BUT I still wanna go! lol
but when I reached... this is me thinking of a nice pose

still thinking lol. you see, it was really awkward, people were queuing up
and there were two other friends of Mr Teoh there. zz haha

and FINALLY, I decided to tickle the little boy

and this I posted with the caption 螳螂捕蝉 in Instagram
because I forgot how to write 黄雀在后 and stupid GO keyboard does not provide predicting lol

I dunno what to say. haha. so this is a random fitting room with a drawing of a lady inside, near the bicycle mural XD 

again, contemplating on what pose I should do
oh I hate this angle of the camera. look at horrifying elephant legs yucks T.T 

and hahaha, I settled with my signature PEACE '.'v pose == ahaha

heehee very happy lol

and again, peace haha. I should think of something new. it's 2013 already T.T lol 

RAWR means I love you in dinosaur.. so, RAWRRRR! =D 

don't remember if I was posing already or still thinking of a pose, or maybe I was pondering why will our art die.
but above all else, I think my hair looks really nice up there! XD

err.. at least no more peace haha 

I have a nice pink wallet.


噢 艺术 你别死啊
le me trying to tighten the screw so that our art wouldn't die. haha no point hahaha

if this were real, I guess the couple is having a fight haha
Melody: 怎样?你想怎样?
Teoh: 来啦 来打架
hahaha because we both look 凶神恶煞

then now I think I got 含情脉脉 but Mr Teoh 不屑一顾 T.T
hahahahhaha 到头来恍然大悟的发现原来一切都是我一厢情愿 T.T

lol lol lol I have a feeling I am just trying to use up all my resources in Chinese idioms in this post hahaha

and because once upon a time always ends with and they lived happily ever after. XD

and guess what I heard there are new murals again? dunno, dunno, I dunno haha

I know this is way backdated, but forgive me I was trying to make do with a bad laptop and tons of evil deadlines. haha. more to come more to come. stay tuned. oh and my exam starts in 3 days time. haha
wish me luck wish you luck, all the best everyone =D

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