Saturday, January 12, 2013

almost done with last year. lol

okay okay okay I'm almost done with 2012's posts.
2013 is not so happening for the moment
unless you want me to upload my thoughts on all my exam papers
and that's only like 2 of them at this point of time lol
or unless you want me to share with you what I have been eating these few days
which is vegetarian food for lunch, and packed economic fast food for dinner
oh and oatmeal/ cereal for breakfast
and that cycle repeats itself every single day haha
very very nice life i have! =D
so anyway, we bought some gingerbread man from Carrefour although Christmas was over
i remember loving the gingerbreadman's story but i don't remember what exactly it is already.
Gingerbread man A: LET ME OUT!!!

and this was when we reached Genting. oh daddy and mummy were there for a concert
famous amos always smell so attractive T.T but they're so expensive ==
with that money i could actually bake trays of cookies myself
oh i can't wait to go home, again!
because i planned with Miss Froggie to bake RAINBOW CAKES!! :O!

because i feel like it. XD

were waiting for check in so the only thing we could do was wander around
and.. take photos. haha

actually now i sorta regret buying that dress.
it doesn't seem to look that good on me anymore T.T
i blame all the mirrors in boutiques, they are forever put at such a strategic angle that makes you look slim and long-legged, and the worst scenario is that you know perfectly that's just an illusion, BUT you still can't help but believe you really look that good, even if it's just for that moment. lol

dinner at one of the VIP restaurants, pity Oinky there was no baby chair =(

tired, tired, and tired.

err, thank you =) 

nah, this rose is for everyone of you. haha

Mummy! =D.

after settling down, we had a cup of coffee. and.. some.. gingerbread man came in for a swim =D
cute right! heeheehee.

then we went shopping or wasting time more like, since there was no movie to watch
when taking this photo i had a feeling like
zhangqijian is the 公子哥 who fell in love with his maid. == haha
tell me again why on earth did i buy that dress.
and worse, paired it with stockings. ==.  

there was this stupid photo thingy where you could choose a random frame and take a shot and send it to your email.

because i got the new laptop and i cannot live a day without going online HAHA
we went to Starbucks
but the internet was bad, the lighting was bad. ==
if the internet was just a tad bit better, i would've seen Chuckei's post from Starbucks Genting
she was most probably in the other Starbucks,
not trying to sound like a crazy fan/stalker but i would've gone there just to look at her or maybe get a photo! T.T.
and just before we settled for this Starbucks zhangqijian did ask me which one did i want to go
if only i, if only i wasn't that lazy to walk further. T.T

so this was the next morning. from our hotel room we saw many many many sports car
and mummy insisted we go to take photos.
but here's the only photo i'll upload because my legs look so long and slim here
and the rest of the shots show a very unflattering me hahaha
yes i don't even care if the car, which should be the main focus, it actually blurry and out of focus =P

after daddy and mummy left for Miss Froggie who came back from Taiwan in KLIA
heehee, we went to the casino and i was always asked for my IC (YESSS! XD)
and CAKESSSSSS! i couldn't forget the Matcha Cheese Cupcake i had a year back
but this time we tried the mango one instead. i still prefer matcha!! T.T

some cinnamon thingy..

wanted to go to Snow world but somehow we canceled the plan 
and headed back to UM,  to face the rest of the study week, and to face reality. T.T
love this photo of us. =D

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