Wednesday, January 9, 2013

hahaha instagram is the best photo editor

 yo hi today i settled my second paper
sometimes i should try being less lazy
because guess what! i missed searching for the analysis of one poem
and THAT FREAKING ONE POEM came out hohoho ==

i just realized i have so many photos not touched
and the lazy me lol resorted to instagram to edit them
and i'm just done spamming my instagram feed oops XD
so this was about two weeks ago when daddy mummy came to KL heehee
Chocolate Mud Cake in Secret Recipe
i think i still prefer Chocolate Indulgence =D

Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake i think
ahh this was quite satisfactory whoo whoo =D

late dinner near the apartment. no idea why didn't i take any photos but this haha

breakfast next morning =D

dimsum + dimsum + dimsum = dimsums? haha.

oh the photos got mixed up again. this was the second day's breakfast
which i find, not yummy T.T

zhangqijian found this very funny. haha. somehow quite funny also.
even chocolates also racist how can you expect humans not to oops #justsayin lol

ahh, this was bak kut teh after a whole afternoon of shopping.
made me miss Kuching's bak kut teh
omg i am missing everything Kuching now! daddy mummy abbie dongqi cowkey chopper totoro laksa malak mian zhao cai mifen lui cha sunny hill ice cream my room my bed my wardrobe my friends my shoes i dunno what else everything kuching la okay haha

and hohoho guess what, thanks to mummy's cousin we got to go to places Genting VIPs go to
places we might never have chance to go to XD
and i had a bowl of creamy soup with broccoli and all the good things like i dunno and don't like == but full of collagen maybe it's like instant beauty boost hahha lol.

oh i guess i missed out quite a lot of food pictures

nah got all these pluggies from Kenanga at only RM5 haha. cheap or what O.O

the end. i'm gonna try annoy my fellow roommates. bye!

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