Wednesday, January 23, 2013

someone oughta teach me how to organize my library!

hi i'm bringing you back to the study/exam week again because i was just too lazy to update. heehee.

it was a freaking hot summer.
haha it's summer all the time
but it was really very very hot for that few days
so we've been having icecreams, cendols and all the cold things
continuously for a few days
and guess what?
i had some serious stomach cramps that i finally resorted to panadols
which i have been able to stop for long
that's really bad. =(
so here comes my new resolution after CNY haha
only one icecream/cendol/snowflake/whatever cold thing i can get hold of
per month. 2 is the MAXIMUM. 
sure sounds like hell but i know i can do this
it's for my own good.. ugghhhh, GO!!!

and it was a lazy morning/ maybe afternoon
because my routine was always lazing the morning away
wasting time rolling in my bed and going online
and then start studying in the afternoon
after lunch, laundry and shower
for the first time in UM
i managed to get my clothes out under the sun
and it sure felt good haha
you have no idea how nice the sun can smell 
until you have been hanging your clothes in your room for 3 semesters
anyway, yes, it was a lazy morning/ maybe afternoon
and i found a note on my notes.
how i wish to be with you right now. =(

when once in a while
boredom strikes
boredom ALWAYS strike.

hahaha. i love red
but i have this strong feeling of changing my love to turquoise

i've lost count of how many packets of nips we had during the study week
and i still cannot forgive them for replacing brown nips with the blue ones

Daddy's favourite fruit.
which also became one of my favourite fruits
apple used to be my favourite
then orange came along
and mango
and grapes
i dunno
i just love fruits!!

so this banana was happily awaiting my arrival one fine afternoon
and i was more than happy to see it. =D
thank you!

my super boyfriend
i miss you. haha

how dare you how dare you
how dare you let shit happen to  you 
when i'm not around!?

this guy broke the wrap with the frog record in Yih Hai's phone
i hate them all.
i'm so far behind there's no way i can even get near to their scores now
 Mr Teoh was either:
1. bored to death
2. over-stressed
3. letting me do whatever stupid thing i wanted to do with him

oh my earphone is deaf on one side
genuine sad case. lol lol
people genuine leather case
i genuine sad case
cause i'm cool like that.
cause i got swag. yo yo yo. ==

no actually i'm really sleepy now.

 no i'm not gonna sleep yet!
because i have to finish whatever i started

HAHHAHA wah i made myself sound so responsible lolol

i am that free
even during exam week

still figuring if i'm actually a science or an arts student
not as clever as all my science friends
but even worse in memorizing and organizing facts
which i hate so much.
hahaha not that i really care anyway.

i love rocky
i love hello panda

PANDA: Hello
Me: Hello panda, imma eat yoooh ngehehhehe

you: ==

i know, i know. i'm sorry. lol

wait, it should be STRAWBERRY ROCKY
you know, like PISANG GORENG and GORENG PISANG haha

lunch for i dunno how many days was always Lai Vegetarianfood
you can even have a look at their menu hahaha
nah  click HERE
lol. whenever we were sick of studying
or whenever my brain got saturated with crap
we started to choose our dish for the next day

it is cheap. only RM3 for 3 dishes
and it is BIG! i always had to give my rice to others
ah there is this junior who needs a lot of rice
and i just love eating with him haha
it is convenient. they send it to us in the college.

but it is a very scary lifestyle which can only be carried out during the extreme time of exams haha and extreme laziness.

our second last day and last day of exams.
this semester was one with many differences
different groups
different classes
different lecturers
but same, crazy TESLians.

i always leave the exam hall early
so much win
you think i really that pro ah?

i just didn't wanna waste more time after finishing my paper lol
i have all the time but i never even bothered to check haha
first class is already an impossibility

let's just hope i can maintain my 3.56 *fingers crossed*

le me left le exam hall like a boss.

i'm a bad critical thinker
and a lousy speaker
hence i'm unfit to sit for the
Thinking and Communication Skills paper
and therefore it took me less than 45 minutes
to finish it all up and leave the exam hall


bye bye 3rd semester.
oh gosh 5 more semesters to goodmorning TEACHER

placed my new cactus (not so new anymore haha) 
from Cameron under the care of zhangqijian
let's see how well it will survive
somehow i have a strong feeling that...
never mind.
i shall just wait haha

and then i was ready for home
no idea why was i so pink

and here i am now
at home
on my bed
eyelids drooping
hands tired
p.s: 致亲爱的张启健
是谁说半夜不能吃便当是谁说彩虹不能长头上 是谁说蓝色就等于忧伤 你看看天空和海洋
开开天窗看星星 想到OPEN将就要很开心! =DD

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