Monday, January 7, 2013

it's a girl thing. haha.

sometimes i wonder what is wrong with me.
people wish to have my height but i complain about being big sized
i guess that's the thing about girls, which, haha, sometimes i wished i weren't. ==
see, i told you i'm weird.

I'm so full of negative energy now i need something to cheer me up. like maybe, blogging about SHOPPING!
when we were coming back to KL from zhangqijian's house i told him i must go to KLCC before January
and I came back, connected to WiFi, and got Huiwen's whatsapp about going there heeheehee
so.. TADA!! we finally got to go to the Foruchizu pop-up store. =D
it was really small, kinda out of my expectation but i was so happy
fangirl mode on, and we greedily wished we could maybe meet them there but no we didn't get lucky

i was actually looking for the neko shorts which they posted at the beginning of the pop-up store
but i guess it was too hot selling.
but look what i found! was also looking for floral shorts at the time

heehee. so i got a black colour one but huiwen didn't as there was no S size

BUT GUESS WHAT. i saw exactly the same shorts! not exactly la, but VERY VERY SIMILAR shorts when we went to Kenanga a few days later, this time, got belt some more, and cheaper. T.T. i keep telling myself it's worth it, it's foruchizu lehhh! =D

left KLCC since the pop-up store in Isetan was like our main purpose of going there
the Christmas decorations in Pavilion! =D
i got quite upset before that for not having taken any nice Christmas photos
very silly of me ==

after Pavilion, we left to H&M, but on the way, we were stopped by a few very nicely dressed girls
haha and they were giving out flyers of Parkamaya, an Asian fashion retail concept store in Fahrenheit 88
attracted by the very pretty girls lol, we went up. lol i make us sound like guys, == maybe me nia la haha
and here you see me trying out an aztec tube dress from F block!
i really liked it but haha it would be very rude to show people my tummy
and i wouldn't want to trouble myself sucking it in all the time. ==
so this is me, momentarily owning the dress XD 

oh, i chucked my vincci red shoes because they are really too spoilt already. =(
never mind, i have another pair of red ones at home ngehehe

and so lastly, part of my CNY clothes for the year. oooh it's only around a month away! hehehe
look at my happy, colourful, vibrant babies XD

till then bye. XD

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