Saturday, August 11, 2012

KK day #2 part 1

sorry but i realized 3 posts wouldn't be enough
else my posts would be very very picture heavy
and it would take forever to load if the line is super slow
like mine now T.T haha.
so the second day started with breakfast from the hotel.
did i forget to mention yesterday?
yes, they provide buffet breakfast some more! 

toast =D.

and fake honey star == haha
nothing very special but convenient enough XD
lol mummy wanted to 参一头hahaha

the plan of the day was to go to Kinabalu Park
which is at the foot of mount Kinabalu.
say hi to mr brown haha

yay, it took around 2 hours for us to reach i think
and i was so in love with the weather there
super cool and it was all so beautiful
sorry but i am profusely using the word beautiful
and that word isn't even strong enough for the beauty of whatever i saw

mummy and aunty behaving like ninjas ==
the scarves were meant to protect them from the sun HAHA 

bat ji so wai. XD

OH look! it's a STAR!!! (even more bat ji so wai LOL)

and look! doesn't it look like the Snitch in Harry Potter Quidditch games? haha

this is so not me but LOOK AT THE BLUE BLUE SKY
heehee and the cotton candy clouds =D

ooh, bolly flower.
actually i dunno the name of this flower but since young i've been calling it bolly flower. haha. so bolly flower it is. XD

attempted to take jumping shots but that's the closest either mummy/ miss frog could capture for me T.T

why can't there be two me?
saja want to show off, THIS IS MY TAKE HAHA

and one thing is that maybe Sabahans are really proud of their state
cz we see sabah flags all around.

lol. and i promise the part 2 of day 2 would be much better
i see that this is a bit boring hahaha

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