Sunday, August 12, 2012

KK day #2 part 2

WOW it's a Sunday and yet i am blogging!
clap clap please XD
so after the Kinabalu park, we went to this Kundasang War Memorial park

Newspaper cuttings, articles and all that record the war.
i actually read a few but i forget them now so no info for you haha


it just looked cool to me. haha

daddy and mummy.

super cute right? ahha 

beautiful flower in English Garden.
the Memorial park/ garden is divided into 3 sections, English Garden, Australian Garden and Borneo Garden
the RM2 entrance fee was totally worth it because the whole place is super duper photo worthy!
and i instantly regretted for not charging the camera. ==

me, with my straw hat. haha

wow it's me again! with my straw hat! 

WEII! look! it's me again. with my straw hat.

i hope you found my captions funny haha

then we went to this Signor Hill or something like that where you can view the whole KK
too bad the sea wasn't that visible due to development and all that

then it was LUNCH TIME! at 3.30pm =O
so here comes a story.
Daddy met his friend in a mall the previous night, (a Kuchingite who moved to Sabah), and he recommended a place called 大来 for seafood, near where we had our seafood which was charged a little bit too expensive for us to accept. So the next day we went searching for the place, he also mentioned it was near a hotel named City something. we searched around, even used GPS but there were so many hotels with the word City in that area hence we resorted to asking people from the shops around. Finally one kind shop owner told us it was supposed to be 大家来, near i forgot what hotel. We searched around again and when we finally found it, we realized even the shop owner was wrong. The real name is 大茄来. HAHAHA. how did Da Jia Lai come along we really have no idea. end of story. we knew it we got it right this time because the food was really good and the price was reasonable. quite cheap actually.  
something i wouldn't take haha

Shu Zai Cai again..

and their famous Kamheong Crab!! MAD LOVE XDD

lala soup. i dug out all the lalas lol. but the soup was really nice.

and steamed fish. if you know me well you'd know i hate fish especially steamed fish
but i had quite a lot!
whee. and then we went back to the apartment to rest since the long drive made us all super tired.

shall finish day 2 by tomorrow. heehee.

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