Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the insane food day.

so right after the morning of Dimsum and brownie
we continued the food journey.
super yummy beef noodle from Ting's noodle house

and Vegetable mee. super nice okay although it looks bland. and cheap! RM3 only!!

Zhangqijian OS:"Nice meh?"

Miss Kero. lol. her friend told her to follow us out wherever we go cz sure got free food
kns hahaha.

Jiu Cai Guo Tie =D ahh
i still prefer the ones from the China chinese but they're gone =(

Yuan Yuan Tang. more expensive than the vege mee ==

i still can't get enough of my straw hat HAHA

next stop was Sunny Hill again! XD

now i know we can also order this way
there was this uncle in front of us who finished the whole bowl on his own
i should try this somehow. #challengeaccepted LOL 

then Belacan Bihun in Lock Ann.
took the table number in merely because it's my fav number haha

and now i know this is called Matterhorn. lol. and Jagung Peng as the background.

Tomato Mee in Huising Hawker stall at night.

and Kueh Chap.
and so ends Zhangqijian's last night in Kuching.

sent Da Ge bear to Penang with him =D

Oinky is missing daddy.

me too!! T.T

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