Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Serikin is actually the Indonesian border.
every weekend there will be stalls selling many different products
mainly from Indonesia of course.
breakfast was kolomee.

followed by a 1 hour plus road trip. 
some colourful mats.

see the toy super big!

Yamaha guitars! i actually believed they were real yamaha for a few seconds lol

he said i looked like a Japanese with the hat
and i was so happy that i kept the hat on for almost the whole day haha

heehee, kuli helped mummy carry the vegetables she bought XP

the mouse is so cute right? XD

i said he looked like a farmer lol lol

and i was sunburnt T.T
luckily the hat protected my face
but my shoulder and all parts exposed were tanned
and now i look so hilarious lol

7 months and i am the happiest girl ever =D

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