Friday, August 24, 2012

wuuu~ my love..

 look it's ibeho =DD
we rocked and rolled the morning with BREAKFAST heehee

it's only our 3rd outing since we both came back ==. terrible T.T

and this breakfast set which consists of a cup of beverage, a sunny side up egg, bake beans and ham, only costs RM2!
don't rub your eyes, it really costs RM2 only!! in Gourmet Sausage near Secret Recipe Jalan Song =)

talked for quite a long time over the super cheap breakfast.
berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. T.T

and then we went down town, initially to look for straws for ibeho's shop
manatau it became souvenir shopping trip hahaha
eii weii ibeho women de toufa you zai chabuduo yiyang chang le XD

i think i have been down town too frequent in these two months haha. tourist bah. @@

next station was The Spring. we shopped again omg.
and lunch.

this garlic fried rice is shockingly tasty.

nahh hehe don't say i no good upload your weird photos ah XD

and this tempura set which is expensive and not nice T.T bei pian le =((

啊哈哈哈 你岂有此理莫名其妙胆大包天
竟然拐了一小圈说我的字很艺术 我很感动 哈哈哈哈
所以决定不爱你了 没有啦 我办不到 lol
谢谢你啦 我也是很幸运很幸福 hehehe

好啦 反正就是谢谢你 又让我感动了 T.T
时间过得太快 我好像会很想你
回去照样好好照顾自己啦 好好读书 不要想东想西
很多事情 想了也不会奇迹似的改变
天塌下来 我才不会帮你挡
可是我比你高 没有办法 还是会砸到我
哈哈哈 原谅我的胡言乱语
最后就是 亲爱的 我爱你 爱死你啦!
天啊 这完全就是情书
不够恶心 MWAHHHHH!!! see you soon heeheehee


Ibe said...

qi shi shi wo ai bu shi women de tou fa cha bu duo wei T.T

mOmO said...

EH, shi ho hahahahahahah xiao peng wo T.T