Monday, August 13, 2012

KK day #2 part 3

okay now i've no idea why did i decide to split the day into so many posts haha
went swimming in the evening! even rendam only i also feel so happy
maybe i was born in water lollol.

didn't bring swimsuit so could only recycle the shirt worn on day 1
just wanted to show off my back wah no pimples == hahahaa
nola, actually i was supposed to have the back-towards-camera-peace pose but froggie didn't manage to capture lol

say hi to miss froggie.

nice photo from her wahseh because hahahah poor kid didn't masuk air.

and there were at least 3 planes flying pass and they were really so big (the apartment is quite near the airport). we kept on shouting for miss froggie to take photos but that was the closest she could get lol. okay la still pretty la, plus the instagram magical filter which instantly upgrades whatever photo XDD.

forgot to upload in the previous post haha Da Qie Lai.. lol

and these.. are.. our DINNER!!
MCD! ahaha. we kids were actually quite disappointed because it was past 3pm when we were looking for lunch. so to make it up we had it for dinner instead. and also because we had a date and didn't want to go out haha

Dotts eggtart, which was SUPER SUPER NICE!!
really nice omg omg
so nice that we bought again the next day haha

erk. haha.

yes we had a date with him. haha
cousin said that he'd surely lose whenever she watches him play
turned out she was right. haha
i actually felt sad also T.T
and miss frog almost cried HAHAHA
it was a great game anyway.
i didn't regret staying in and finishing the whole match
although all the posts in Facebook later on was kinda annoying

for example..


no. this is even more irritating lol

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