Tuesday, August 14, 2012

KK day #3

aha since I've been so efficient might as well finish off my KK trip.
did you know that red is the prettiest colour ever? XD 

before leaving the apartment. *sighs* i would miss you, big big mirror. haha
and the swimming pool T.T 

went to the market and got a bonus of free sea view =D

lol i love him ahha

daddy was interested in this small bicycle but i guess it was too expensive @@

an entire place full of souvenirs
we were so early that it wasn't fully opened yet lol

the market where mummy bought avocados, mangoes and the list goes on.
yay making masks from avocados soon. =D

they provide altering services also so you can directly alter your clothes after buying 

Tanjung Aru first beach

if i have the chance to come again i'd come in the evening to see sunset! =D

and drink coco lime =D

scary but colourful haha
never a fan of preserved fruits. 

and it was emergency rescue.
my face was so dry and i was afraid it will be further ruined. like my face not sai enough T.T
and my hair was also super dry. dunno if it was the water there

okay ze end haha.
overall it was fun.

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