Monday, August 6, 2012

ocipala. second last XD

yo yo yo i'm back but haha no i'm not that effective
will probably finish with zhangqijian's trip before starting my Sabah posts =)
but as a sneak peek..
YES! this is in Malaysia!!!

okay. haha
went for The Dark Knight

we both fell asleep in the movie. @@
despite the many good comments
i find it too long and draggy at the beginning of the movie

hee, must have =P
but it seems he didn't find it as fascinating as me =( lol 

dinner in Sharing. he insists the mushroom soup in his Bravo is nicer. cheh i prefer mine this XD

yay. my love. but this also kenak complain. =(

Bolognaise. finally something he praised ahaha

and Lamb Concasse.
i don't understand why can someone who find Malak Mian okay call this spicy
laoya XD 

also went to MaZhong gongyuan.
with Oinky together!! =DD
i love Oinky more and more day by day omg.

Tom's pizza..

Dimsum one morning with Ibeho.
ahh, mr teoh likes the siobee =D 

it was really a crazy food day. we went to Bing after the dimsum
Tom's wasn't open. =(

and had a Brownie! =DD
i should just pay for brownies the next time instead of baking them myself. ==

me like this =D

and this!! heehee

thanks to ibeho the photographer whose shoes open mouth 2 times that day haha 

don't so sour face. i love you =P.

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