Tuesday, July 31, 2012

when mr.butterworth meets Kuching food

zhangqijian is back in Penang already =(.

it is quite a nice coincidence that he comes here during our annual Kuching Festival Food Fair
which is held earlier this year due to the Hari Raya
it was a Thursday night that we went, and it was so packed!
main reason: more stalls were set up
can compare with the previous year here  XD

bagai rusa masuk kampung. he was really amazed haha

something really new.

but nothing special. buhao chi de T.T

another new stall this year

this attracted me

but again buhao chi =( lol

frozen yoghurt craze is attacking Kuching

while waiting to be served

the red jar attracted me XD

tada! quite cheap, only RM5 but it melted so fast
i still love Moo Cow =P

Coconut ice cream again. still as nice heehee i had two bowls last year if not mistaken

peng hu which was expensive and not nice T.T

just because it is a super cute type of candy XD

zhangqijian was interested in the red red thing but it looked scary to my eyes aha 

and this looked super cute
was actually fed up and scared of fried ice cream because one time i had one which was too oily that made me want to puke.

nevertheless, we got one.

lucky it wasn't oily and there was so much ice cream inside heehee

durian puff.
oh this year the fried durian craze is over.
people now queue up for Stinky Tofu instead.

and there's this Nee's cream cheese crepe
which was surprisingly
disappointing T.T
i expected it to taste nicer.

that concludes our 2 trips to the Kuching fest.
will there be a 3rd time for me? haha
hope not T.T

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