Monday, July 16, 2012

part 2 lol

HAHAHA the final post of my first tourist guide job. imma blog about some of the places we went. not many places because i am a lousy planner T.T haha
upon arrival. i was so happy i was skipping my way through lol

the must-go-take-photo cat

somehow i like the feeling of this photo

went for a super spontaneous K session. meixiangdao Junjie also a k kaki lol

had fun with the camera and tripod in the old court house whee zhangqijian we go in the afternoon when it is bright enough for nice photos okay? =D

memories cafe. ooh spot that ahpek XD

blue lake in Bau

see the water is so reflective!


no point haha.

and we went to the Chinese museum and curi curi took photos

because it is actually prohibited.

and took many super ugly/ funny/ crazy photos in The Spring
thank god no one i knew was around lol 

nightwalk by the river side. DUN at night!

exclusive photo which didn't appear in fb haha,
call me Koala! XD

pangsai in Ma Zhong Gong Yuan XD 

my favourite shot! =D

learnt from looloo: must take a photo with the family haha

and then it was our crazy time on the last night.


see. XD

the end. haha. 

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