Monday, July 23, 2012

macarons #2

hello hello
i hope you're not fed up with me yet =( haha

few days ago, we made macarons again!
purple, pink and blue as i mentioned before hehe

see the colour super dreamy! =DD

frankly speaking this time it was worse except for the pink colour ones
because i dunno what went wrong but the mixture became so watery =(

yea the only successful tray was here lol

there were so many failures that couldn't even be removed properly from our baking paper
so they went into our stomach i swear i almost vomited
and my mood was extremely ruined =(

the only pink ones which made us feel a bit better =)

tried taking a nice photo but i don't have a plain glass cup and was too lazy to look for a nicer background. very very near to the verge of giving up =(

i think i'll just pay for macarons the next time == lol

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