Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a time machine.

yea a time machine is all i need now =(
this happens every single time i step out of the hair saloon HAHA
yes i regret for cutting my hair AGAIN! girls being girls ==

one last photo with my hair which hasn't been so long for a very long time.
can refer to my history with hair HERE but you can choose to ignore it because it's just another post of MELODY KHO overload haha.
i initially just wanted to chop off my V and get a nice nice fringe.
but so much hair was gone and now i have ultra short hair T.T
and not to mention my fringe when let down makes me look like the emo kids. ==
oh and not to forget the pimples which came out right after i cut my fringe !!!!!

not forgetting to take many self shots.
but argh. dear hair please grow. QUICK! =(

好后悔 好伤心 想重来 行不行
再一次 我就不会把我头发剪短去
好后悔 好伤心 谁把我 放回去
我愿意 付出所有把我头发接回去


yMoon said...

ahahahahahaha, lmao when i read ur last chinese caption! XDD why cut ur hair, i tot u want to keep long long hair de??????

mOmO said...

wanted to trim it flat and continue keep long de. but WHY become so short i also cannot understand T.T hahaha