Thursday, July 12, 2012

big day for the sweet sweet cousin.

it's Tien Tien jiejie's wedding today! =D
and i'm just back from their house after working as one of the 7 ji muis lol
because couple t-shirt is too mainstream, now we have couple hairstyle hahaha refer photo number 3 in the above collage. @@.
she had a hard time walking down the stairs with the super heavy and long gown. which made me decide i'd wear short dress for my wedding XDD
anyway, i wish her all the best, =D

ehehe. ME overdose lollol 
the high low dress is our uniform, my first ever high low dress also =D
i even made a polyvore post on this because i saw the same dress! heehee
and look at my nails, nice right? =P

because there was nothing better to do lol
cousin wanted no games to be played.

favourite photo of them!
super cute can!!

with Zongjia who looks more like my mother than me.

yang yang =)

and BELLA TIONG who just reached Kuching around 1am! =DD

the wedding gown and dinner dress.
custom made! =O

lastly don't you think they look just alike? haha

okay i'm off to rest!
tired die T.T

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