Saturday, July 21, 2012

a little of this and a little of that

hi hi hi
i'm still trying to get used to my new short hair and fringe
the main problems: due to the long period of time being swept to one side, my fringe wouldn't come down like how it should be in the photo above, it always moves to the side like how i previously kept my hair. and crap it seems my black roots are growing out pretty fast and the inside layer is quite black already so i am very much the ah lian i dreaded i would become when i first decided to dye my hair HAHA.

so anyway i am here to blog about my past week.

got this super cute chopper hat plugy from my dear cousin Bella Tiong =)

went belly dancing as usual. we need all these big big mirrors, at home and in KK!!!!

finally met up with Olin! who was leaving for intern in Miri the next day

and Ibeho!!! IBEHO IBEHO YES IT'S IBEHO!!!!! 囧

the next day, also the final day with my long hair T.T

met up with lu ee! and we actually talked for almost 3 hours.
okay la, eating and taking photos included. haha
she has a boyfriend now! =D happy for her.

outing with some friends from church
and the first time ever i experience blackout in a shopping mall lol
and The Amazing Spiderman is AMAZING!!!
actually, i never watched a single spiderman movie before although i was interested in the one when spiderman became bad, you know, the black spiderman? haha

went to a new dentist at Tooth Fairy (cute name right!) for scaling

and just yesterday. i heard desperate calling from this pair of heels in Padini
and brought it home =X. super cheap can? only RM39.50, even cheaper than my red polka flats. plus it's beige in colour and the design is just nice for me and and what more it is super comfortable. (making all kinds of excuses just to justify my purchase, XD)

whoohoo. i love them XD

and this was in cousin's car. her mum got her an iPad3
and that's me (abuden? hahaha)
the front camera was surprisingly good! not good in the sense that it is really good but so much better compared to other ipads haha.

two days for me to finish this book
and crap, the next time i get into a bookstore i'll be searching for Paulo Coelho. ==
ooh and the chocomini looks like a cigarette box hahaha.

we're making macaroons again today! =DDD

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