Saturday, July 14, 2012

the night.

it was the wedding dinner. held in Four Points.
tried curling my hair but of course, they didn't stay again. =(

i look super hiao up there hahaha
i desperately need a hair cut
and i guess tomorrow would be a good time XD

the newly wed with my frog sister and dear cousins who love me to bits =P

le hall..

Lu Guang Zhong's wife. XD

see miss frog looks super cute in her pink dress. =D

cousins. congratulations to Yi Yi who got his first choice. he's going to UMS! =)

oh my job for the night was to ask people to sign on the poster lol
there was actually a cocktail reception as well!
but we didn't know that so we were late =X
Door gifts and the menu.

and.. they live happily ever after! =D

the noms.. 
Four Points Hot and Cold Combination Platter

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Dried Scallop
kinda disappointed because it was very very salty =(

Crispy Chicken with Nam Yee Sauce
this spells Hair Fall. haha. SUPER SALTY i start to wonder whether their salt supply is free @@

Steamed Cod Fish Hong Kong Style

Braised Mushroom with Sea Cucumber and Vegetables
the broccoli was too hard, AHH how could this even happen to me haha

and other dishes which i didn't have any mood to take anymore
and also because the waiter was a bit taken back by our excessive photo taking lol
we actually commanded him to TUNGGU hahaha.

Red Wine =)

there was even a life band. yes! no irritating Karaoke session.
whoo the keyboardist/ emcee/ male singer was so good!

and there was DIANA LIU as well!!!! =O!
she sang two songs, one is new and another one: Someone Like You

nope. not Adele's XD

she is super thin! and nice also!

lastly. with my temporary boyfriend =P

wheee zhangqijian is coming!!! =OOOOOOOOOOO

and ibeho is back!


OHH update update!
mummy said after everyone left, Tien Tien jiejie hugged her parents and cried
awwww ='(

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