Wednesday, July 4, 2012


as i said I’ll be blogging about the two Perakians’ 5D4N trip here. like my previous trip to Penang, I decide to divide it into a few posts, and the first to be FOOD! we Kuchingites are also very proud of our food although i’m really not a fan of kolomee. here comes the foodporn and i’m sorry if i made you hungry. it’s really not my fault. blame it on the food. =D
to make it more convenient for you so that you don’t have to keep scrolling XD
laksa and you char kueh and sweet potato balls for our super late breakfast because we slept like pig after a whole day of transitting from different modes of transport. we then went to Song Kheng Haid hawker stalls for Metahon (something sweet and sour with shaved ice), ABC, Sugar Cane + Coconut and Kong Pia. Dinner was the very famous and have-to-wait-for-long Aladdin fried chicken rice and porridge. chilled out again at Memories Cafe but their ice blended took forever to come and didn’t taste nice, at all. not photogenic somemore, look at the plastic cups @@.
the next morning we woke up early. for my favourite MeeSua but it didn’t taste as nice anymore i was kinda sad =(. I think daddy and mummy were afraid WeiQi and Ballack will starve to death so they ordered Siobee some more. haha. lunch was Kolomee. then out of boredom we bought the sticks with chocolate cream to kill time in Boulevard. nothing to see except that we now have Brands Outlet as well. =D. and Sunny Hill Ice Cream!!!!! whee whee whee, i have been missing it.
dinner that night in Sharing Planet. how i love their mushroom soup! and the crazy oreo which is still as nice =D, posted it on Instagram and got my dear cousin jealous haha. Carbonara, still very rich, Miss Keroro’s Grilled Garlic Butter Dory or something like that, Ballack Low’s Supreme de Vollaile and WeiQi’s Double Cheezyland. we were all stuffed. haha.
Sin Lian Sin Kolomee for breakfast the next day, i introduced that to LooLoo and he liked it as well! =D. random cookie jars i saw when they were buying Kek Lapis. Lui Char and Kueh Chap for lunch. and Iglool which made WeiQi shout at the worker for more chocolate sauce lol lol. Dinner was in HongKong Noodle House. they enjoyed the meal and i’m so happy they liked the Ku Gua chao xian dan haha.
second last day lollol. some kind of kueh which i also don’t know the name and laksa for breakfast. then Ma Po Tofu fan for lunch and finally RenJian Malak Mian for dinner! =D. later, we went to Tarot for the super beautiful Ice Cream Toast =D
Breakfast the next day before they left. Dim Sum near the airport. =D
that’s all for the moment. haha. i could use a cup of Iglool or Sunny Hill now. =/

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