Thursday, July 5, 2012

When pv doesn't equal to nrt

shit i am really too free now! i might be updating everyday at the rate i start getting bored haha. i've now reached a quarter of my second book, Wuthering Heights. at this pace, i might finish all my books before, i dunno when, but they wouldn't last me till September for sure T.T. and i don't even spend the whole day reading. tell me what to do!!! T.T. ah, i cut my nails for piano tomorrow already. have to face the fact. but i haven't been practising even my scales what is my dear teacher gonna do to me? T.T. ANYWAY! as i said in the title, i found something new to kill time, brain cells and to further ruin my own eyesight haha.

introducing Polyvore!
basically it's like a mix and matching site and also tumblr.
and you get to follow people like most of the social networks

sidetrack again. i actually have a Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Polyvore, Weibo and 2 Blogger accounts. and i just downloaded Streamzoo, which is very similar to Instagram. SUPER VICTIM OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES. quite shocking for me T.T omg

blah so these are a few sets of clothes i created last night because i just didn't want to sleep yet.
i had a day to the beach in mind.
super love all the accessories they have

and this is maybe, day out with girlfriends =D

nothing special in mind. just wanted to create a look with jeans
i like her hair =D

nah, my first set.
kinda obvious i love red, flower, denim, bangles and leather. haha
oh not to forget braids!

and you can also create things other than fashion posts!
i made this! super nice don't you think so?
actually all i did was arrange them but i love it =D
it's now my wallpaper hehe.

signing off. =D
byebye see you

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