Monday, July 2, 2012

they are coming back

sent WeiQi and Ballack off yesterday morning.
i will blog about their trip soon, lol, like i'm the tourist again. @@
and finally it's my own holiday. XD

i really hate Nature Republic for their nail colours.
but i really don't have orange and gold nail polish ma.
the pink one isn't mine! see i got practise self-control haha

my babies have been calling for me since i left them in February.

so i did my nails, before the long fingernails get chopped off for piano lesson
i dread Fridays now. =( 
oink oink! =D

and Oinky gets his first bath today =D

face like shit but hair so nice XD

and books!

the things coming back are actually excessive nail painting, curling tongs, camwhore shots and the bookworm in me. XD. i plan to finish all the books i bought using the RM200 book voucher. i haven't been reading my own speed since i stepped into UM and i'm quite unhappy about that. going back to my first book now. bye bye =)

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