Monday, July 9, 2012

not that free anymore.

hi i am happy to say that i am no longer so free to collect dust and spiderwebs.
last Saturday i went to this motivation talk by Mr. Dai Chen Zhi
very lame but still i have to say how about Miss Dai Ping Guo Zhi? lol
the theater was full of secondary school kids and i instantly regretted
but somehow i think i managed to blend in since most kids nowadays look older that me anyway hahahha. and i copied four pages full of notes, including doodles XD
"As long as you know your direction, the world will make way for you"
problem is i don't know my direction haha

Green Mee for breakfast XD
does anyone still remember the green instant noodles once upon a time?

in a furniture fair.

and guess what!
and we're now learning a super cute dance
hopefully i get to finish this dance before going back for 2nd year. heehee

all bling blings and ling ling long long always make me so happy XD

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