Friday, July 6, 2012

shop shop shop. drop.

i warned you i was going to update very frequently XD
look what I've got from my crazy shopping spree last night! =DDD

okay. i was lying la. haha. i got them from my cousin. how is it even possible to clear out SO MANY clothes from your wardrobe? and they are mostly still in good condition.

i've always wanted to get a denim shirt but never bought i dunno why
maybe i knew someday i'd get it from her. haha
oh fyi, in our family we usually pass our clothes around before really donating them.
so since i am so crazy over Polyvore for the moment, i created a look for myself haha
the Soda denim shirt (not that denim actually but i'm fine with that) and Cotton On tank top are both dug out from that stack of unwanted clothes, paired with my Surfer Girl skirt bought when i was in Form 3 i think, and worn only for the second time! =O. the sling bag belongs to mummy, and the wedges makes me around 176cm!! covered up my face because got sai expression lol.

this one not like sai.
and i am feeling so awesome! =D
going to make macaroons tomorrow
hopefully they turn out nice XD

another version of Fly Me to the Moon
fly me to the moon, don't wanna see your face no more, i can't stand a very thought of you~ lollol

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