Monday, July 30, 2012

day in town!

hello! i've been missing. and will still be missing for some time haha
kept playing Bejeweled Blitz in front of him and now he is addicted LOL

after a day of rest, we went down town the second day. with IBEHOhoho

HAHA. enter your own caption

i think i'm kekurangan kasih sayang lol 

hmm. so that's a door knob..

that can't open the stupid door lol

lunch in renjian =D
they actually changed the tatami seating to normal table and chairs.
big boo =( 

Dr. Ibeho ba mai XD

these two photos

got feel lehh! XDD


Hokkien kid looking at his ancestors in the Chinese museum

die die also want to take photos although it is prohibited

oh and the words cannot be erased so no vandalism haha

so my hair isnt that short after all lol

he's mesmerized by the video introducing Chinese traditional musical instruments

pawn shop with no one maybe his phone is not qualified =P

then it was the sampan ride!

hee =D

these kids have to take sampan everytime they go to school. how lucky i am ==

the infamous kek lapis..

and the 40s photo taking pose haha

get what we were trying to do ma? XD

white lady

Kompia like finally. because zhangqijian was instantly attracted by kompia when he first saw it in a blog i showed him long long time ago. lol.

nerdy expression i dunno why T.T

toilet in the Hills.

because we went to sing k again == lol

so cute the kid behind haha.
nola! actually i mean high 5-ing with the cat =D
 then we went to the Kuching fest food fair
which i shall leave for another post =)
till then byebye heehee

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