Friday, October 26, 2012


hello happy holiday =D. this laptop is seriously testing my patience.
what if i told you i am missing my longer fringe. lol. the effect of short fringe is really prominent
pimples on my forehead which rested for some time are BACK. T.T

so as i mentioned earlier i'm gonna post some unappetizing photos haha
from the photos i used to post most people have this misconception (HAHA i'm making it sound serious) that i only eat very fancy food. so here i am to clear this myth
some fish in sauce and taugeh

curry and pickles. the cucumber was bitter some more T.T

beef and vege. the vege was really nice though =D

ni de wu can dao le ok! long time no eat de zhaifan, which has always been our faithful companion during study and exam week.

extra KFC last night thanks to roommate number 1 XD

this doesn't look that appetizing but it was good! =DD
ocharyo by snowflake which Aivee recommended. heehee
i can still remember the thickness of the matcha wheeee

i think i should dress up more, even just to class =P

and last night i had this SUPER YUMMY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE =D
i, i wanna try make smores! hehee

okayy that's all for now. byebye =D

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