Tuesday, October 2, 2012


i know i know, it was two days ago. haha
just had to show upload my waterfall braid XD
not bad lehh, and my hair looks so long up there ahaha

this year we are the ones who organize the tanglung walk.
many people went home though, which is actually not bad?
cz it's easier to handle ma hahaha.

look at huiwen's very cute lantern haha.
i think it should belong to OINKY! XDD

tada! Oinky Teoh with my pink lantern XD 

some few days ago zhangqijian and i got this bing pi =D from Midvalley
but it was not that cold already and we had no knife by time we ate it
and it was very very scary T.T
just wanted to haolian cz i remember the name haha
not sure if i should thank you for always trying to get me what i love
or hate you for stuffing me with food. hhahaha

one year ago he thought i was laughing to draw his attention
obviously, you really think too much. haha

就算不快乐也要快乐,这样我才比较爽 哈哈哈
let's hope this year will be another good year full of happiness =D
let's hope i wouldn't grow any fatter. ohoho.
let's hope. i dunno. time flies. this is so scary.
ah i have no idea what am i talking about.
haha. byebye.

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