Monday, October 8, 2012

oh awesome october. =D

heyy! it's my 16th birthday for the 5th time. XD.

i was away for the weekend, and now i'm down with flu and sore throat lol
so how did i spend my birthday heehee

we went to Kuantan, and Nyak nyak brought us to Gambang Water Park
so lucky that they have this promotion
which we almost overlooked!

wahseh so happy haha

i think it was there that i was brutally attacked by the heat and finally had fever T.T
and i got tanned, my 3 months of staying at home 功亏一篑 T.T

super touching present from wo xihuan de ren heehee

in my opinion, this is the most perfect equation in the universe XD

and so i was feeling very sick and tired the whole day
but die die also want to go to the beach because I LOVE BEACHES!!
turned out it was so dark we couldn't really see anything
and ended up sitting in Chatime. 
and suddenly they came up with a cake
i dunno what came over me and i started to cry T.T
that must be the most embarrassing birthday anyone could have T.T
and to think that i had totally no clue about that made me feel dumb as ever ==
thank you daddy mummy froggie dongqi cowkey chopper jiayigou totoro and etc etc T.T

and of course to zhangqijian nyaknyak yaotong huiwen huini weiqi looloo oinky =D
thanks for celebrating with me, you are such nice people heehee
and thanks to chyemei who couldn't make it with us to the trip
thanks to ibeho for LINE-ing me XD
and meilin mama hahaha
and everyone else for the wishes.

my wish was a very simple one.
for every one to be healthy and happy always. hehe
oh shit i forgot to wish for a successful diet plan T_____T

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