Wednesday, October 10, 2012


i just don't get it!!! October is supposed to be my month but here i am coughing the crap outta myself and probably annoying the hell out of my fellow roommates. i feel like ripping open my.. ugh never mind it is too violent.
on Sunday approximately half an hour after we reached the college.
looked like shit and felt like shit. T.T

that shoulder belongs to me XD
oh nanpengyou ni zhende you hei le. =P

yay thanks again for the tickets! =DDD
wo zhende hen gandong leh T.T
suiran shuo ni ziji dangran yeshi xiangyao qu la hahahaha

random gays i met while queuing up to enter.

and they said no one watches Wei Li An? MY ASS haha. 

he was really good.
and the drummer is Qmo lao shi wo also played in Wu Yu Lun Bi yan chang hui XDD

oohhhh i melted

eyebags look so cute on him my gosh.
then main thing is that he sings really well.
wa wa wa!

okay i dunno what to say anymore i need to rest.
will be back when i am better. T.T

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