Saturday, October 20, 2012

what makes me happy.

  hello! i have nothing better to do so here i am to blog!
went shopping some few days ago. i felt super guilty for spending so much, but at least this can last me until next year! and i dunno if it's just me, but i feel super happy when i do some little things to myself like using a mask, toner or even just a nice long bath because that's how i pamper myself. =D.
i also have this thinking that if i don't take care of my face/ body, i will become uglier and uglier, which makes me lose my confidence which is already very limited, and then i'll hate myself, and i'll get emo and cranky, and i become a very hateful person and no one will like me. =(. hahaha. 

when i cut too much of my hair in the process of trimming it. hi short fringe, long time no see!
but because i am still not used to it, i'm still sweeping it to the side. haha.
my fringe wouldn't curl inwards which is super irritating!!
and look! bow bun! =D

another thing which makes me happy. heeheehee
tiramisu and cream brulee yesterday in Neway. =D

so actually i have things to do. and a lot of them.
*reluctantly forcing myself to start the assignments and presentations which are piling up.*

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