Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween lol nothing about halloween in this post

whee last post for October. XD.
just done installing my Microsoft Office 2010 heehee
i can finally do assignments in peace and at my own pace!!!!
this was THE DAY i got half of my life back. haha.
i think it's now complete. lol

some little things which make my day XD

i did tell you my fringe wouldn't curl inwards. haha.

have been wearing a lot of formal clothing recently
yes, presentations, THEY NEVER END! =O!

hee reminds me of miss frog at home
and zhangqijian's froggie plate! XD

this is not really my thing. but
October kinda sucked
first i got sick, then my laptop died on me, and i got into a cycle of self destruction bad mood + emo
let's hope November will be better. Dear November, treat me well ^^*shiver at own use of the above bolded quote. hahaha*

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